Ranch Home Living Continues to Rise in Popularity

As more millennials enter the housing market and empty-nesters look to downsize, ranch style homes are seeing a significant rise in popularity across the United States.

Ranch architecture, known for its single-level design, emerged in the 1930s and gained popularity with post-war families in the 1950s. However, ranch style homes saw a drop in popularity in the 1970s that carried into the 2010s.

ranch home design inspiration by J&K Custom Homes Cincinnati

But ranches are back. According to a 2021 study by Redfin, ranches are the most popular home style in the United States right now. The U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction indicated that single-level homes comprised half of the newly constructed houses across the U.S. in 2020, a sharp increase from previous years.

With the rapid resurgence of the ranch, what is it about this home style’s architecture that makes it so appealing for the modern homeowner?

Ease of Movement

In a ranch design, living spaces and bedrooms exist on the same level, which eliminates the need to climb stairs to access second-story bedrooms. This design is ideal for older family members who want to move around the house with ease, along with younger families who want smooth transitions when moving through their busy routines.

ranch home design inspiration by J&K Custom Homes Cincinnati

Age in Place

Many families want to live in their homes as long as possible. The ranch design allows homeowners to transition seamlessly from one stage of life to the next, from newlyweds to empty-nesters and beyond. J&K Custom Homes has actually designed ranches that feature nanny quarters that transition into in-law suites, and then into caretaker quarters, allowing homeowners to age in place in the comfort of their forever home.

ranch home design inspiration by J&K Custom Homes Cincinnati


With every room on the same level of the house, a ranch style home promotes communication between family members. This concept has driven many millennial couples and young families toward a ranch style home; they appreciate the ability to have productive conversations as they move through their busy daily routines.

ranch home design inspiration by J&K Custom Homes Cincinnati

Family Lifestyle

Single-level homes make day-to-day logistics significantly easier. This layout removes the need to carry heavy loads of laundry up and down the stairs to access bedrooms, and it allows parents to supervise their kids conveniently while cooking dinner in the kitchen. With living spaces and bedrooms on the same level, the ranch design is also crucial for families who have children with special needs.

ranch home design inspiration by J&K Custom Homes Cincinnati

Curbside Appeal

Since ranches spread bedrooms and living spaces onto one level, they typically feature a wider footprint than a two-story home. A ranch’s wide footprint makes a home appear larger and creates a sprawling aesthetic, resulting in an astounding first impression for an enhanced curbside appeal.

ranch home design inspiration by J&K Custom Homes Cincinnati

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